7 Easy Tricks to Make Your coffee More Eco-Friendly

One of the newest versions of a coffee pot today is the Keurig Coffee Machines.  This pot has been designed for easy use for one cup of coffee at a time.  It has grown quite popular by consumers because of its easiness to use and the variety of different flavors of coffee that can be purchased to be used with this pot.  The coffee is designed in a small plastic cup that when you put it in the coffee maker a hole is poked and the water will run through the cup and into your coffee cup waiting at the bottom.  There is a variety of flavored coffees such as mocha, French vanilla, decaf, regular roast, breakfast blend, do-nut flavored and way too many to name.

Why Is This Easier

Many people like the convenience of just grabbing a perfect k cup of coffee grounds and placing it in the machine, adding a cup of water and in just a minute or two having a cup of fresh brewed coffee.  Depending upon the mood the coffee drinker is in, if they just want a cup of plain black coffee or a French vanilla while relaxing and watching television.  Others in the evening like to relax with a nice cup of decaf so the caffeine will not keep them awake at night and it is all so easy and can be done with one cup at a time.

Is Drinking Coffee Environmentally Friendly?

Drinking coffee can not necessarily be friendly for the environment.  Many people purchase a cup of coffee using throw away cups, lids, coffee stir sticks and coffee filters that all go into our landfills.  With all of the coffee drinkers there is a lot of trash that builds up.  Many people are saying that something needs to be done to help solve this problem.

How Does The Keurig Coffee Pot Help

•  The K Cups that can be purchased already prepared with the coffee are disposable

and can be turned in to the plastic recyclables.

•  The Keurig also offers a non disposable plastic or metal coffee holder that is reusable.

It just needs to be washed out and it is ready to use again.

•  Use a small cup to collect the coffee and dump it into your travel mug to take with you

on the go.  With your travel mug, just wash it and use it again.

•  This product also uses less water and causes less waste.  There is no left over coffee

to dump and no excessive water that is used just to be dumped out.

With all of the popularity of this product by the many coffee consumers, it is probably one of the most popular coffee makers on the market today.  The ease of use and the convenience of the variety of different coffee choices that is offered in one cup quantities has made the demand for the Keurig and its perfect K cups in demand for the consumers.

How to reuse your K cups

reused k-cups

The range of single coffee makers, with disposable cups has become very popular in the home. Reusing K cups can not only to reduce costs but also maximize efficiency, so that we can continue to enjoy the freshly brewed taste in under a minute. Additionally, some people have concerns about the amount of disposable waste they produce.

However, the Keurig coffee maker has a reusable cup, which can be reused at least four times, and possibly more. Reusing your K cup can be broken down into a few steps and all that is required is a small piece of regular tin foil. Here’s how to do it:

• Peel off the foil on your K cup
• Rinse the K cup thoroughly
• Add coffee/tea of your choice
• Place a small piece of tin foil over the top
• Take care to fasten it securely around the rim
• Place the cup in the machine in the ’12 0 clock’ position
• Twist slightly until the you hear the ‘pin’ click into place
• Hey presto! Your good to go

What are the advantages of reusing your K CUP?

Reducing waste and saving money are two of the most reasons that people prefer to reuse their K cups. Some people find it’s more economical for heavy usage as it’s simply a matter of rising and replacing the lid, with a little tin foil. It’s even possible to make your own reusable lid! Additionally, people may be concerned about the costs of replacing caps and lists, should they be lost or damaged. Check this link for more details.

What are the disadvantages of reusing your K cup?

Some people have found that the coffee is not as strong when reusing their K cup. This is perhaps due to the density of the coffee that can be packed into the pod at home, compared to what can be achieved under manufacturing conditions. However, there is an excellent tutorial video uploaded on YouTube, which addresses this issue. Others feel that it’s preferable not to reuse their K cup more than a few times. This is due in part to the wide variety of outlets such as Amazon that now have K cups well stocked. In other words, it seems that it’s down to an individual preference among coffee lovers.

reused k-cups

I prefer not to reuse my K cups but like the idea of reusable lids?

If you have misplaced or damaged your K cup lid, or you wish to be really frugal, then it’s possible to fashion a replacement lid by using tin foil. It is recommended that you use a heavier duty foil in preference to the lighter type variety as it’s more durable. It is also possible to use a lid from a small cup or jar that is similar to the size of the K cup. Its imperative that you ensure that it is sealed very tightly in order to prevent leakage.

Top 5 Keurig coffee makers


The keurig coffee makers have revolutionized the way we drink coffee. This is because unlike regular coffee machines, they are also hot water dispensers. This means that they can also be used to make tea, cocoa and other drinks. There are various designs depending on your budget, and are very convenient for the whole family. Below is a guide to 5 of the best Keurig coffee machines.

1. Keurig Single Serve Coffee and Tea Brewing System Select B77

This machine is one of the best in the higher budget. It has five different cup sizes, with an energy saving feature. It has a timer which you can program to come on at a time convenient to you and your family. This attractively designed coffee machine also features five different strength brewing options. It also allows you to ‘set’ your own cup size. If you would like more details about functions like this, check out this site for a complete range of Keurig manuals.

2. Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System

This coffee machine has a water filter is also within the higher price range. The best feature is that it has a water filter. This comes with simple, clear and comprehensive instructions on how to set it up including how to install the water filter, an added bonus. This machine also has five different cup and brewing options. As with all Keurig coffee machines, an easy removable drip tray makes it a quick clean up.

3. Keurig Rivo Cappucino and Latte system

For the ultimate coffee experience, this has to be the most enticing and luxurious system and is well worth its higher price. This system derives its name from the Italian meaning of the word ‘revolutionary’. The added feature of a ‘milk frother’ means making cappuccino and lattes is a breeze.

4. Keurig K10 Mini Plus Personal Coffee Maker – Red

This is one of the best in the lower price range. This small basic machine offers superior tasting freshly brewed coffee. Ideal for the office and home, it has 3 different cup sizes and includes a pack of K-pods It also includes a power saving feature


5. Keurig Mini B31 Plus Platinum Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is perhaps one of the best in the lower price range as its small enough to be used in the home, or office. Popular with students on campus and the elderly, who find it more suitable and less complicated: http://marieleecook.hubpages.com/hub/Top-4-K-Cups-Coffee-for-Keurig-B60

What are the best K cups for 2014?


K cup varieties are becoming increasingly popular and are now available at a wide variety of store outlets. Additionally, Amazon has numerous delightful varieties available to order. The makers of the popular Keurig coffee makers, who founded the multibillion K cup industries, have a long established tradition, for making great tasting coffee. However, as found within other industries, there have been attempts by competitors to provide cheaper alternatives.

Do cheaper versions of the K cup give a poorer outcome?

Customers who enjoy their K cups have not as yet fully accepted the transition to generic K cups. This is due in part, to some K cups being incompatible with the Keurig coffee maker, for example the Grove K cup However, one of the major reasons that customers are happy with their Keurig coffee makers is because they can use their own coffee for each brew. Conversely, the popularity of K cups has been taken up by large coffee store outlets such as Starbucks and Dunkin donuts, which appear to support Green mountain coffee.

How can I decide what K cups are the best?

The answer may sound obvious, but it really does come down to your own personal taste. Some people like a strong roast flavor, while others prefer a much milder taste. Understandably, the most popular K cups may be due to various factors, such as local supplies, cost and variety availability. However this is also an advantage as there is such a wide variety of choice. For example, a good idea is to register your Keurig coffee maker as it offers considerable advantages. Firstly Keurig offers two free boxes of different beverages. Secondly, you can sign up to receive special emails with updates and offers. If you sign-up to the Keurig Club you are covered by their one year warranty program and are enrolled in their loyalty program. Another great advantage is that the free sample packs contain different samples of coffee, allowing you to try different tastes. This is really useful as it allows you to try before you buy. Free samples are also occasionally added to K cup orders when bulk ordering and brief descriptions of other coffees.


Why is this so important?

This is important as it’s so easy to assume that the cheaper options are better, while this may sometimes be true, it’s not always the case. Particularly in the case of generic or new cheaper versions of K cups, as mentioned earlier. Additionally, K cups have a long established reputation and have continually adapted and introduced new recipes. Check out this link for more information about the k cup range and in particular where you can obtain the best prices on a regular basis: http://www.survivingthestores.com/k-cups-best-price.html

It appears that there are many good reasons to stick with the Keurig coffee maker system. For example, the availability of a wide variety of incentives and offers associated with registering online. It’s also worth noting, that the online site features an option to send an ‘egift certificate’ to friends and family, making it an ideal gift for coffee lovers

How to Use a Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker


There appears to be two main concerns that people have about using a single coffee maker. Firstly, that they may not be able to use their own coffee and secondly that there is a lot of waste with disposable K cups. However, the most unique feature of the Keurig Coffee maker is its simplicity. It is exceptionally simple to operate, yet gives perfect results, every time. Unlike regular coffee machines the Keurig can also be utilized as a hot water dispenser, which means that it is similar to making coffee using a kettle. The Keurig machines also come with a reusable cup; therefore there is less worry about too much wastage

. The whole thing can be done and dusted in just a few minutes … here’s how:

• Plug in the Keurig, lift the lid and fill the water reservoir, unless you are already familiar with the Kauris that have the program timing feature. If not, it will require a few minutes to heat the water. Most of the Keurig boiler’s are running with up to 1,500 watts of power, so its a big element being heated to a high temperature.

• choose your K-cup, but do not remove the lid, or if using your own coffee in the reusable cup, carefully seal the lid

• Insert your K-cup directly above the Keurig logo located in the center of the handle, you will see a circular shaped whole place the Cup in and re-close the lid.

• the display will read ‘ready to brew’. Now place your cup on the plastic removable tray and choose your cup size

• Press the ‘brew’ button, it’s worth noting that most Keurig machines have a ‘cup size’ display as a guide.

Follow these steps above and you will have a freshly brewed coffee in under a minute. Do not worry if you make a mistake as practice makes perfect! For example, most Keurig coffee makers come with a feature that prevents it from brewing if the coffee cup is not in place.


How to use the Keurig coffee maker with your own coffee

The Keurig coffee maker also serves as a hot water dispenser, and it is for this reason why it offers the most options for brewing your own coffee. Additionally, it comes with a reusable cup.

• Take the lid off the reusable lid and remove the coffee filter
• Fill it up as close as possible to the top
• Replace the filter inside the cup
• Replace the lid
• Follow the same three steps as with regular K cups

Ensure that each time you use the cup, remove the filter and rinse thoroughly. For more information about some of the more common mistakes made in using single serve coffee makers, like the Keurig brewer, check our article here on 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Brewing Your Coffee.

Top Coffee Makers – What Features to Look For


When you are looking for a coffee maker there are some features that you should not overlook. Some top coffee makers have perfected the manufacturing of their coffee machines to the extent that they made out of their models a benchmark having the features that are desired by most of the users.

The features that you should be looking for when choosing your coffee maker is not something that is cast in stone. Every consumer has his own preference, however there are some features that are important to most users without which the coffee experience would be lost.

In this article I will mention those features that you should be looking for when choosing your coffee machine.

Features of the Top Coffee Makers

Pause and Serve

This feature is a basic feature and it is found in almost all coffee makers regardless how cheap it is. This feature enables you to take off the coffee pot even if the brewing cycle has not been done.

Mechanically this is possible since the coffee machine has an opening just below the filter that touches the top of the pot. Whenever you remove the post there is a valve that closes prohibiting of any dribbling over the heating plate.

Pod Compatibility

Coffee pods are popular in recent days. This invention has made the process of coffee making easy and mess-free.

These pods have the ground coffee inside them thus relieving you of having to fill the coffee in the machine. Many machines have the ability to handle both pods and grounded coffee.check more information and updates at http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/coffeemakers/buying-guide.htm.

Digital Control Buttons

Digital controlling means few features combined together. These features include: digital display, timer (which is one of the most important features to me), illuminated buttons, and auto-off (also a very important feature).

Auto-off is very handy since you do not have to supervise your coffee machine. The machine will switch off by itself after a specific time, which is very suitable for the absent minded or for those who need to free themselves from this commitment.

The illumination of the screen is also a nice feature if you make your coffee early in the morning when the lighting is still dim. Illumination makes it unnecessary for you to switch on the lights to start your machine.

Water Filter

A nice feature that is usually included in the coffee machine. The water filter removes any taste coming from chlorine or iron that comes from tap water. However, this feature is not a standard one since it adds to the cost due to the extra maintenance and replacements.for more information, check her latest comment on this topic.

Permanent Coffee Filters

Many top coffee makers have included the permanent filter on many of their models, however this feature can be supplied separately.
You can replace the paper filters with the mesh or metal ones anytime. It is true that it is more expensive, but it will save you money in the long run. Some users have noted better coffee taste (clear from paper taste), so it is worthwhile to think of this option in case you are one of the sensitive coffee drinkers.


Built-In Coffee Bean Grinder

This is a nice feature to have, although it is not a standard one. A built-in grinder will grind the amount that is suitable for your requirement. You will have a fresh grounded coffee every time. Realistically, this additional feature will increase the price of the machine, so you have to pay for your enhanced cup of coffee ahead of time.

Top coffee makers are always making their best efforts to provide you with the features that you need. Some of these features might be necessary for you, yet other features you might not need. In this article I have discussed some of the features that you should take into consideration before you decide on getting your next coffee machine.

How to Brew Coffee – 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Brewing Your Coffee

how to brew coffee

How to brew coffee might look an obviously simple and straight forward process. This is correct to a big extent. Brewing coffee is not a complicated thing and it is becoming even easier with the advances made in coffee machines.

As simple as it is, there are certain mistakes that you are making that comes between you and your perfect cup of coffee. I have listed those mistakes below so that you are aware of them and so that you can avoid making them when you prepare your next cup of coffee.

How to Brew Coffee – The Mistakes That You Should Not Be Doing

Avoid Stale Coffee

This comes at the top of the mistakes that anyone can make when preparing coffee. Coffee beans can stay fresh for up to 2 weeks with proper storing (vacuum containers). When grounded, coffee can stay fresh for few days only.

Avoid Extreme Additions

By additions I mean sweeteners or milk. Many people prefer the taste of milk added to the coffee. But too much of a good thing can turn out to be bad. When you add too much sugar or milk to your coffee you will be masking the good taste of coffee. This issue depends on personal preference; however it is certainly advisable to restrict those additions as much as possible.

Avoid Burnt Coffee Beans

If you are getting your raw coffee beans from a good source then you will not be facing this problem. However, if you are roasting the coffee beans yourself then you should avoid overdoing it. Roasting coffee beans should take only 10 to 20 minutes. More than this time will burn the coffee beans and cause a bitter taste in your coffee.

Do Not Boil Your Coffee

There are some methods that depend on boiling the coffee, such as using the percolator on a stove. Boiling the coffee will give you an inferior quality since it will destroy the flavor that comes out from oils in coffee beans.

Avoid the Warming Plate

Warming plate is designed to keep your coffee warm, but this should not be considered for extended time, like several hours. Having a cup of coffee that is left on the warmer for a long period of time will leave you with a stale cup of coffee. Always brew a fresh supply of coffee whenever you need it.

how to brew coffee

Drop the Paper Filter

If you are using a drip coffee machine then you should not rely on paper filters. These filters keep a somewhat nasty taste in your coffee. Always use mesh or metal filters, which are costly but are a good investment. Moreover using a permanent filter is more cost-effective over the long run.

If you are fresh in learning how to brew coffee then you should be cautious in staying away from the above mentioned mistakes. Making one of those mistakes will leave you with an unsatisfactory cup of coffee. We found some more great information at the following link, where it expands on some of the points we have mentioned above and goes into more detail in other areas: http://www.chemexcoffeemaker.com/support/faq.html

Advantages of Pod Coffee Machines

brewing coffee

Owning one of the pod coffee machines is an idea that must have passed by many of coffee fans all over the world. These machines are considered a blessing for those who need a good cup of coffee without having to spend much time in preparing it.

These coffee makers do not work in the traditional way. No grinding or brewing is required; instead coffee is supplied in small pods that are covered with a paper filter. Each pod has 7 grams of coffee in it, an option for a double shot (14 grams of coffee) is also available for those who prefer their coffee strong.  Continue reading